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10 steps for a Smooth project


Free site visit & Consulting

When receive your request, we will contact you and arrange an appointment to visit your property. We discuss your ideas and plans, also taking enough measurements so we can provide an estimate or quote with our feasible solutions.


Can we do it?

When considering a loft conversion, we'll assess the minimum requirements and eventual work arounds. We'll consider minimum heights and discuss the best roof profile for your home.


Access & Flow

Together, we'll choose the best location for your access stairs and general flow of the house. at this stage you ay opt for ladder or stairs access.


Structural requirements

We'll survey the structure of the ceilings and beams to ensure a solid and safe result. at this stage we'll highlight and discuss structural changes that may be required to comply with a new space.


Quote approval

We'll draw a detailed final quote based on your requirements and share with you for approval.


Architectural Plans

Once you agree on our quote, we start designing drafts. All architectural details will be detailed ready for eventual planning permissions. *most roof profile changes will require council approval... but don't worry, we'll help you throughout the process.


3D visualisations

Once the architectural plans are drawn and approved, our design team will design a photorealistic 3D render of your project... and it's free.


Construction Stage

Work commences We'll keep you informed throughout the project on progress, schedules and any decisions that need to be made. 


Project Handover

We will handover the project and will include detailed a complete package to include original documents, renders and professional images of the final results... for posterity. You are now ready to move into your brand new space.


Support & Maintenance

We guarantee our service with customer support and maintenance service. You can contact us for advice, fix, repair or replace items in your home following project handover.

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